In 2013, Let’s re-think marketing to affluent Chinese outbound tourists

shanghai travelers club Fall 2012 coverI want to thank you all for your active participation in our discussions and exchanges on this blog about how welcome better Chinese travelers. You’ll notice that I don’t say “Tourists”. I prefer to use the term “Travelers” as I think it better descibes the level of maturity and sophistication reached by Chinese outbound travelers. The time of cheap “Group tours” is now over for Chinese travelers:It’s time for hospitality and travel industries in the United States, Europe and Asia-pacific to re-think the way they are promoting their hotels and destination management companies’ services in China. More focus on quality and genuine VIP welcome, less focus on discounts and entry-level services. The 2013 Chinese traveler now wants the exact same level of service that European and American travelers. It’s time for all of us to understand this and act accordingly for the marketing and Public Relations campaigns intended for a Chinese audience: Better contents, better design, more interaction on Chinese outbound travel social media networks and a more accurate advertisement strategy with specialized Chinese luxury travel magazines. Four pounds glossy paper Chinese luxury lifestyle magazines are perfect to promote watches and jewelry brands in China, but are not very effective to promote outbound travel destinations. The new generation of digital Chinese luxury outbound travel magazines are far more effective to reach the specific audience of affluent Chinese outbound travelers. We’ll talk a lot about these new exciting magazines in 2013!

Have a great 2013 year with more Chinese guests.

Pierre Gervois


China Elite Focus Ltd.

One thought on “In 2013, Let’s re-think marketing to affluent Chinese outbound tourists

  1. Hi Partners, thanks for your magazine of China out bound travelers. We are based here in Malawi we do have business people visiting China and for all business travelers to China your magazine can easily be used to get contacts of China travel operators who can handle their tourism needs there and refer to us those who would like to come to Africa on business or holiday even as Investors because Africa is now opening up to investments more especially Mozambique and Malawi as their destinations. We can handle those people either from Mozambique side or Malawi side let investors know we are able to connect them to what they want to invest in this region of Africa as more minerals are being discovered and mines are opening up. Thanks we will appreciate this cooperation
    Emmnauel Tsogolani
    Travel and Logistics Manager
    +265 995 286 898

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