Poland attracts Chinese tourists with EU-funded campaign

The sixty-second promotional film, which will be screened on both Chinese television channels and on the internet, is part of a three-pronged campaign aimed at tapping into the key Asian markets of China, Japan and India.
The clip, which is strongly weighted towards picturesque historical sites, shows an affluent-looking Chinese woman enjoying a holiday in the company of Polish men.
Krakow and Warsaw are given special emphasis, as are the UNESCO-listed salt mines at Wieliczka. Amber jewellery in Gdansk is also given in a plug, while the bison of the Bialowieza Forest in north east Poland offer a glimpse of the country’s great outdoors.
The promo is rounded off with the music of composer Fryderyk Chopin.
The Asian campaign, entitled Lubie Polske (I like Poland), has 50 million zloty (12 million euros) from EU funds at its disposal.
Some 80 percent of this will be spent on China.
With a middle class emerging in China in recent years as a result of economic liberalisation, some 97 million Chinese travelled abroad in 2013, a national record that is ten times greater than the level in 2000.
Although Asian countries such as Thailand are among their most popular holiday destinations, some 4 million Chinese went to Europe in 2014.
With just 35,000 Chinese visiting Poland in 2012 (according to data compiled by the Polish Tourist Chamber) efforts are now being made to increase the number of visitors.

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