Air France promises to offer tailored services to Chinese travelers

Air-France-A380-Shanghai Travelers' ClubCrews trained in Chinese culture, Mandarin or Cantonese-speaking reception teams, mobile services in Chinese, etc. Air France has created services specifically tailored to accommodate its Chinese passengers. The company has established an outreach program on Chinese culture for its 15,000 flight attendants. This program reflects Air France’s constant search for excellence, hospitality and service as do the languages spoken aboard flights: announcements are broadcast in Mandarin on the flights from and to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and in Cantonese for Hong Kong flights. In addition, for more than 10 years, Chinese interpreters have been on board all Air France flights from and to China.


To welcome and provide assistance to passengers who do not speak English or French, Air France has a team of multilingual agents at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Tamil, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. The team welcomes daily passengers, assisting them with checking-in and facilitates their connections between flights. Knowledge of the travelers’ languages and cultures makes its easier to exchange and establish immediate and natural contact.


Air France customers benefit from an exclusive, free service, requiring no registration or subscription, informing them of changes or any disruptions in their journey. The “Air France Connect” service has been available for several weeks in Chinese. With a mobile phone number and e-mail address indicated by the customer when purchasing their ticket, Air France can provide information up to 14 days prior to departure, by telephone, SMS or e-mail, regarding flight cancellations or delays, gate changes or delays in delivery of luggage following the flight. Air France and KLM are the first airlines providing such large-scale proactive information services to all passengers throughout their network. To be notified personally in case of emergency on a flight, customers only need to ensure that they have provided the company with the maximum contact information for the communications modes (telephone, mobile or e-mail) the customer will use during the trip.


Air France places particular emphasis on openness to other cultures, taking into account the tastes of its passengers. While providing a French dining experience, Air France pays attention to adapting its menus to the culture or dietary needs of its customers. For Chinese customers, the chefs of Air France subsidiary, Servair, the on-board foodservices specialist, develop a range of fine Chinese dishes served in Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy. In addition, jasmine tea is offered in all cabins.For its Chinese passengers, Air France offers a frequently renewed selection of international films subtitled in Chinese. A Chinese film also is routinely offered.


A Chinese version of the Air France flight magazine is available to passengers and a regular selection of Chinese newspapers and magazines is also available on each flight.


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