300 Rich Chinese Astro-Tourists Purchase US$100,000 Tickets to Space

1068Rich Chinese tourists have been boosting tourist industries around the world, but that will soon change. The first 300 Chinese space tourists have booked flights to space via Taobao, the biggest online retailer in China, according to media reports, including WSJ and Shanghai List.
“Chinese e-commerce giant, Taobao, take their platform to new extremes as they provide an exclusive broker service for Dutch Space Expedition Corp’s (SXC)”,” according to Shanghai List.
Advertisement Tower - Gervois Hotel Rating May 2017 featuring Pierre GervoisAstro-tourists will have to pass certain criteria and tests before blast off: “People in good health over 18 years old, less than 2 meters in height and 125 kilograms in weight can apply for the space tour programs. But only after passing a medical exam and training programs can the applicants fly into space,” reported Escn.cn.

“We have published one the very first article about Space travel in the Shanghai Travelers’ Club magazine last year”, said Pierre Gervois, Publisher of China Elite Focus Magazines. “This first article was about Space Expedition Corporation, and we see today the result: this great company is now recognized by High Net Worth Chinese as the leading space travel organization”.
“Chinese consumers have a high appetite for ‘challenging’ tourism activities,” said Deng Weixian, SXC Asia Pacific chief executive, in the WSJ report. He added that space will be the new destination for these Chinese travelers with adventurous appetites.

Source: Chinagaze

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