Visit Brussels launches Belgian-UK Visitor Service pilot project for Chinese tourists

Visit Brussels - Chinese tourists - china elite focusThe pilot project for the «Belgian-UK Visitor Service» was launched by the British and Belgian Embassies in Beijing. This involves a “one stop” visa application process whereby the Chinese visa applicant who wishes to travel for a short stay in the United Kingdom and Belgium (i.e. a Schengen visa but with the main destination as Belgium) can make their visa application via the Visa Application Centre (VAC) of the UK in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The application is then processed by both the United Kingdom and Belgium .
Patrick Bontinck, CEO of, is thrilled with the decision “ was an active supporter of this initiative from the start. The fact that Chinese visitors now only need to go through one visa application process for both the UK and Belgium is a revolution. We believe this will provide a serious boost in the number of Chinese tourists to our region and are therefore very pleased and satisfied that the project launched today.”
For Chinese tourists, this means that they only need to place one application for two visas in order to visit Belgium and the UK. Furthermore, the visa can be obtained within 10 days and with no further costs incurred.

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